Zyx Italo Disco New Generation Vol. 7 (2 CD)


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Вес: 115 г
Ширина упаковки: 125 мм
Высота упаковки: 10 мм
Глубина упаковки: 140 мм
Жанр: Поп-музыка//Зарубежная поп-музыка
Альбомы: Zyx Italo Disco New Generation Vol. 7
Запись: D. White - One Wish (Zyx Extended Version),Soulya Id - Vampirella's Song,Avenue - Story Of Love (Extended Version),Nea! - Puppy Love (Do You Remember) (Extended Version),Amaya - Trapped (Flashback Remix),Lenroy - Give Me A Night,Heaven42 - Angels Of The Night (Slow Version),Albert One - Face To Face,Italove - Too Late To Cry (Flashback Ri-Mix),Max Laser - Space Journey (Zyx Extended Version),Zion & Kristian Conde - 80s Come Back To Us (Extended Version),Synergic Silence Feat. Fred Ve - Love Is My Answer (New Silvi's Remix),Talking Eyes - In The Sun (Extended Version),Emy Care - Dream Of Fantasy (Disco Mix),Linda Jo Rizzo - Under Fire (Extended Version),Birizdo I Am - I Love Italo Disco (Extended Version),Variety - Without You (Extended Version),Dimension One - Angel (Extended Version),Marce - I Want You (Tony Costa Remix 2015),Cyber Space - Disco (Don't Stop) (Long Version),Romantic Avenue Feat. Heaven42 - Against The Odds,Ryan Paris - Together Again (Extended Version),Digitalo - Say Yes (Zyx Extended Version),Nation In Blue - Have You Got What It Takes
Год издания: 2015
Тип упаковки: Jewel Case
Издание: Импортное
Производство: Европейский Союз

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